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My Memberships


Member Researcher – 0000-0001-6842-5134

ORCID Connecting research and researchers

Expedition: since 2015

Member Researcher D-4193-2015


Expedition: since 2015

Member of REDDOLAC

Network of Teachers of Latin America and the Caribbean

Expedition: since 2015

Member Researcher


Expedition: since 2015

Member Researcher

Google Scholar

Expedition: since 2013

Member Researcher – 0001582796


Expedition: since 2011


CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG)


Expedition: July 2022

Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA)


Expedition: June 2022

Associated Professional Member

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Expedition: November 2021

Pro NAFSA Member

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Expedition: June 2021

Associate Member

Honor Society Foundation

Expedition: June 2021

Professional Member

FAPSC – Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges

Expedition: June 2021

Individual Member

United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

Expedition: April 2021

Member of the Zulia State Bar Association

Zulia State Bar Association

Expedition: since 1995


Certified Higher Education Professional (Excellence in Campus Operations)

Career Education Colleges and Universities

Expedition: March 2022

Leadership and Life Coaching Tools

Professional Coach Leader

Expedition: August 2021

Google for Education certification. Induction

European Postgraduate Institute

Expedition: November 2020

Online Tutor Training (11th edition)

Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development

Expedition: October 2017