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Scientific Production Visibility


In a globalized knowledge society, Universities must share their achievements and scientific production in real time for greater visibility and projection.

  • Accreditation and Compliance with Standards
  • Ratings and International Rankings
  • Evaluation of Foreign Academic Credentials in USA

Distance Learning 4.0

Labor Skills

The mega trends of eLearning tell us that online systems and tools are constantly evolving, which is why we must keep up to date.

  • Virtual Learning Environment Management
  • ERP and CRM Implementation for Education
  • Digital Competence Certification

Copyright Digital

Protect your ideas

Organizations need to be up to date on modifications and changes in corporate legal systems that may affect productivity relationships.

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Negotiate contracts and other agreements
  • Prevention of legal disputes and contingencies.



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Why Choose Us?


We offer a multidisciplinary approach supported by experts and specialists in various action areas.


Our services are based on extensive experience in various projects and management of organizations


The seriousness of our services and customer satisfaction is the best acknowledgment.

Relational Capital

We have a broad presence and memberships in national and international organizations.

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Tamara Semig

Legal Trainer

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Criminal, Divorce, Family, Financial, Injury

Ketty’s Divorce

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